My Cloud Bookmarks™

My Cloud Bookmarks™ uses your gmail address to fetch your Cloud bookmarks. 
Authorise ProPhecy tecnologies to use your gmail address by sign in to Google
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My Cloud Bookmarks™ automatically Search your own cloud bookmarks, while you are searching for information in Google or Bing

If you found any website is interesting and if you feel it will be useful for future reference book mark it with My Cloud Bookmarks.

Save your own bookmarks, with proper categorization, short notes and star rating for your future reference at Prophecy stores for free.

These bookmarks also made available in our website for your editing, or to add My Cloud Notes™ to it.

Use Alt+B (Alternate Bookmark) anytime to bookmark a page, after enabling My Cloud Bookmarks™ extension for your Chrome Browser

ProPhecy respect your security / privacy and does not ask / store your passwords