My Cloud Bookmarks - User Guide


My Cloud Book Marks Application intelligently identify the URLs you explore, and change the icons of the application on run time.

RED ICON indicates that page is ready for book mark, if you want to do so.

While you are searching for some information in Google or in Bing, this application can check your previous book marks for the same search you are performing and pull your old work into the list. 

If you did not make any previous book marks on this topic, system will let you know the same.

This helps you to start your new book marks for that topic for future reference

Start book mark any page that you like for future reference. We suggest you to provide more details specially in description field, for future purpose. Our application search for your keywords in that field.

If you are in hurry just book mark with no details for now. You can add them in our website later part.

System also shows recent 4 book marks in the bottom that window, if you want to refer it quickly

In future if you happened to visit to the same URL anytime, application intelligently identifies and inform you with BLUE icon.

Application will also show your own content what you have added for that site for your quick memory recall. Do you like this nice feature?

Soon after you start making your own library, application will show your results to you on need basis

Keep adding the sites of your liking, but remember the more precise description your future searches will that precise.

We have identified few common categories and sub categories which you can choose.

If your search does not fall into any of these categories, use the blank field to add your own category or subcategory. ProPhecy will revise the category list periodically and My Cloud Book Marks will automatically show a new list to you

Again, do remember you can edit, modify your book marks and their details any time on our website.

The next screen shows you a quick help on various parts of Add Book Mark screen. Look carefully.

Our website shows your saved book marks at a glance and you can do very quick search. The table automatically filter data dynamically, while you are typing.

One another nice feature!

Last but not least, ProPhey Technologies does not store / ask yours google account password.

We just use yours google login account name and email, and we collect it officially from Google, using Google APIs, hence you are secured.