My Cloud Bookmarks Installation Trouble Shooting

Click the link (or copy paste in Chrome browser) to go to Chrome extensions chrome://extensions/?id=lccennflakcnjjgfobablnapdcmjeoin

A successful installation should appear like this

On rare situations, you may notice nothing happen after you click on ADD to CHROME. This may happen, if the downloaded file corrupted in its way

You will notice an Error message for My Cloud Book Marks program as shown below. The ICON may be GRAY color. Try click on Repair link as shown below. 

If the ICON is RED color, we dont have any issue.

Click on Details to see if the error resolved. If you see RED ICON, the problem must have resolved. You should be seeing the same ICON on Chrome browser on right most corner.

If you see a Gray ICON on the above screen, click on View in store.

When you reach to App Store once again, you will notice Yellow bar, with a link to Enable this item.

Click on Enable Link. This will solve all the problems if any.

After the installation probelms are resolved, you should see RED ICON on chrome browser, and RED ICON in chrome extensions listing also